Antonio is a teen who acts very serious and is a closer. He is made by Garney the Garnet Dragon and his story is written by Shaira Sultana.


Antonio has dark brown combed hair with a red and yellow cap with a black star (this is the cap for the team Starlight City Buffaloes). He has a goatee and a neutral expression. He has a black biker jacket on an orange T-shirt with dark jeans and brown belt. To complete his outfit he wears black shoes with white laces and black soles.


Antonio was quite a serious boy since his childhood. His classmates hardly see him smiling. Unlike all other school-children, he does not take part in parties or entertainments. For lack of sociability, he is quite nervous to talk to people. He either does not understand anything, or he understands them by his own way. His behavior makes him well-known in his school as a philosopher. It is still hard to believe that such a lonely person is picky about his food. But this is no wonder when people remember that he is not easy to satisfy with anything.


  • He tends to be serious and is a closer.
  • He is a teen of roughly 15 or 16 years.
  • He seems to like the team Starlight City Buffaloes.