Heather is a girl who makes her appearence in Papa's Sandwich Mia!. She is like Scarlett from Scarlett and the Shakers as her hair is a similar color and she likes Valentine's Day, too.


Heather has crimson-dyed hair and a red T-shirt. She wears a burgundy jacket and white rivets on a black pant. For shoes, she wears black shoes with brown laces and soles.


Being simple but moderately mischevious, Heather can just draw attention from a boy by walking past. She is a fan of Scarlett and the Shakers and has dyed her hair red just for showing she is a fan of Scarlett!


  • She is a fan of Scarlett and the Shakers.
  • She is a fan of Scarlett and has many likes and things in common as such as:
    • Her hair almost the same color as Scarlett's.
    • She likes Valentine's Day
    • She usually wears clothes containing red/pink or a shade of red/pink.