Huang Nu is a Chinese girl. She was born in Shanxi Province.

Appearance Edit

Huang Nu

Huang Nu is fair, medium-sized girl with black hair and small eyes. She wears a white t-shirt, yellow skirt with white polka-dots and a yellow jacket. She wears a white and yellow winter-cap and white shoes with yellow laces.

Info Edit

Huang Nu grew up with with her father, mother and her twin brother, Cooly Lan. She was fond of the color yellow since her childhood. She mostly spends time listening to music and playing Othello with her twin brother. She likes to study Chemistry.

Trivia Edit

  • She seems to be a fan of the color yellow.
  • The word "Huang" means "Yellow" in Chinese and the word "Nǚ" means "Girl" in Chinese.
  • Her twin brother is Cooly Lan.