Marcelline is a Tomboyish girl from Starlight City

Appearance Edit

Marcelline is a light tone skin girl with red wavy hair. She wears blue bandana. She also wears white tops and bomber jacket. She got a red bag, white-black shoes and pants.

Info Edit

Marcelline is a careless and quite rough girl, even to her twin, Bellatrix. She lost her left eye during an earthquake. And from that tragedy, she swears that she'll be tough and careful. She will always stay up at night to guard the house from any danger. Her bag contains safety items.

Orders Edit

See Marcelline-Order for more info

Trivia Edit

  • She is the second twins in the series.
  • She orders large coffee in Pancakeria, to make her more awake.
  • Her favorite holidays are Onionfest (Cupcakeria), Neptune's Feast (Pastaria) and Big Top Carnival (Donuteria)