I know I have no right to set a rule here as I am not a Founder... so please don't take me wrong because I am not making a rule. It is just my request as an admin.

This wiki is for fan characters that users want to be real characters in Papa Games. The characters are FCs (Fan Customers) until they really enter any game. So we can make stories on our characters as our wish.

I think it is better not to edit pages made by someone else excluding spam and swearings on any page. There is no need to add a new thing on a page or character info made by someone else until he/she allows you to do so. Because they might want to narrate the pages by their own way, their own imaginations regarding the character's hobby, work, family. For instance, someone created a character and wanted to publish that he is a singer. Just think, how he/she will feel is someone else edits and publishes before him/her that the character is a photographer? Or might be that someone did not upload the picture of his/her character yet and someone else uploeaded his/her character's picture on that page. This can cause fights and chaos.

Please try to understand! Take my words a bit seriously! I am not making a rule but having a request so that this wiki can be peaceful. As an admin, I am only a special editor here, not a patroller to check what is happening among the users here. Still I will try my best to keep this Wiki chaos-free. Thank you.